Too Soon Nintendo?

Throughout all of online gaming players have come to the end of the line of various services. Games grow old and companies no longer want to support them weather that be servers, leaderboards, patches, etc. In my gaming history the greatest shutdown I’ve had to endure was the original Xbox Live service. That killed the game that got me into online gaming, Halo 2. Now this happened 5 years after the Xbox 360 was launched. In my opinion 5 years is a good long time to enjoy your old games online as a console gamer.

Fast forward to now…Nintendo just announced in a months time they will be shutting down all online services for all devices other than the 3DS and Wii U. Now it’s been 6 years since the Wii launched. No harm no foul on their part in my opinion. The tricky part comes when you’re talking about their handheld systems. There’s only been 2 years between the DSi and the 3DS although it’s been 6 years from the first DS. The other interesting aspect is when most companies can their systems they do multiple releases of blockbuster games across their old and new platforms. IE Battlefield 4 being released on the PS3, 360, Xbox One, and PS4. But then you go and look at Nintendo and some of the go to games and just wonder…I’ll never be able to play these online again? Mario Kart? Smash? Pokemon? Now there’s the crazy one right there. The big thing everyone’s been talking about since Pokemon X and Y came out is this PokeBank where you can transfer Pokemon from White/Black 1/2 to the bank and bring them into your 3DS games. Only a month after getting it working in the US they’re cutting online out? Makes little sense to me.

Honestly this doesn’t affect me at all except for the Pokemon part (yes I still love my Pokemon). And I am really glad I don’t work at an electronic or gaming retailer because explaining why Nintendo is shutting off their online services to the casual gamers is not what I would consider a good time.

My Transition To PC Gaming

I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I got my start on the Intellevision playing games like Burger Time, Tanks, Asteroid, and others. From there I moved through the ranks just like everyone else buying the next console as they came out. I played some games on the PC through the years, but for the most part it was not a platform I considered for gaming. I think the most I ever played on the PC was Age of Empires 2 on a computer with 500mb of RAM when that used to be a lot…

Most of my online gaming experiences were on the console as well. Mainly on Xbox Live on the Halo series. I stuck to that from Halo 2 all the way to Halo 4, but somewhere in between 3 and Reach things started to change for me. I started a local gaming community in Cincinnati where I live dedicated to bringing gamers of all kinds together. There I met some awesome people like one of my good buddies mohawkmike who had been running PC LAN parties for years before I met him. I came into some money and decided to sit down and build a worthy gaming rig and I was hooked….kind of… See my roots on Xbox still called on me, my friends all played console. I ran communities dedicated to Xbox games…I couldn’t leave. So I played on, peppering PC gaming in here and there as I went.

Once Arm The Flag was gone and my general interest in gaming had subsided that’s when the true PC gaming seeds were allowed to sprout and grow. Deep down inside I had always preferred PC gaming, it was just hard to break the reigns of the console. Once I managed to do that I had opened the door to amazingness. My only problem is I wasted building my rig back in 2009 because now it’s having a hard time doing everything I want it to do. So expect some awesome build updates this summer as I work on improving my gaming experience!