SRL First Impressions


As soon as I saw a Sparrow in Destiny I instantly wanted to race it. As a motorcycle rider the Sparrow is one of my favorite parts of Destiny as a whole….and when Bungie announced Sparrow Racing League I was beyond ecstatic!

I, like many others, descended into SRL this week after Bungie dropped it on Tuesday and I played it all night until I had to force myself to go to sleep.

First off it’s fun as hell. I enjoyed every second of it unless I hit the barrier that splits the track on Mars…you all know what I’m talking about it’s like a magnet to me. There are some things that I thought were done very well and there are a few things that I think need work.



I have a love hate relationship with the whole gate concept in SRL. It makes the experience feel really arcadelike which is good and bad. I do like the fact that the gates are wider the further back you are in the pack. It gives you a chance to catch up, but damn they are small when you’re in first. I think one thing I would like to see in a future SRL event is less reliance on gates as a whole to let us utilize the entire track. As someone who is really into motorsports picking my own line is very important to me and can lead into way more strategy. I get it though, because of the gate system it makes racing super ruthless as people battle each other to hit gate after gate. It’s just not my favorite thing.

Sparrow Controls/Handling

If gates made the game feel arcadey then the controls and handling fall right into that category in my opinion. Personally, I think it needs work. The controls make the game feel really wishy washy to me in terms of keeping your line. The precision is lacking to make it feel like a real racing experience. I do realize Bungie wasn’t trying to make a racing sim, but at the same time I think they could have refined the controls a bit more to make it feel a little more intense and rigid instead of arcade like and wavy.


This part of SRL really intrigued me the most. Racing through a huge barrage of gunfire sounded really awesome, but in general the enemies don’t really effect the race very much at all. I don’t think I’ve ever been killed by gunfire in a race. I also notice that when you are in first the enemies seem to not be able to react fast enough to effect you. If anything they end up hitting second and third place more. I think ramping up the enemies would add a little more to the overall SRL experience.

Player Attitude

I come from a real motorsports¬†and racing sim background so I would play SRL like I would race in real life. As you would suspect any gentleman’s rules are thrown out the window. Players thrash, bash, and trash their way to the front. Any chance they have to screw you over they will take it. Once I get out front I enjoy SRL more because I can race without having to deal with all the other players trying to wreck me.


Overall I have been super pleased for the rewards that I’ve been getting. I could care less about horns and a few times I only got motes of light, but that’s just a small downside. I’m pretty sure I got most of the shaders that SRL offered and I got them from the first day playing. As far as the gear, light gear has been pretty nice and the actual race gear is super awesome. The race gear actually resembles real world race suits which made me super pumped to see. The only gripe I have is most of the ones I’ve earned thusfar are not effected by shaders. You’re stuck with what color you got.

Overall Impressions

I enjoy SRL greatly and have been having fun. All of the above suggestions and grips are only that. If SRL came back in the same exact shell I would still play it. Just those small tweaks would make it enjoyable for me…you may have other ideas and you may hate mine. I just urge you all to play SRL and give Bungie some feedback they can work with instead of all of the complaining that I normally see out there.

See you on the track!

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