SRL Success or Failure?


Sparrow Racing League in Destiny has come to a close as of last night and Iron Banner is here to take its place. In the beginning Bungie said this was a test for future SRL events and overall I think it was a success and they should think about bringing it back.

I made a post about SRL a couple of days after it came out with my first impressions. In general the gripes and suggestions I had in that article remain the same, but I will outline what I think should be done in order to make it a more pleasurable and in depth experience.


The biggest thing I think should be looked at is how the warp gates work. I am still not a fan of slowing down if you miss a gate. It does add another mechanic to the racing and I realize that is what Bungie was trying to do, but it takes away from what I think would be a more interesting experience to be had being able to create your own line. If the gates didn’t slow you when you missed them it would allow racers to follow their own line and they could choose to hit gates as they pleased for a short boost. With the current model there really is only one or two lines you can follow making the game a little boring in my opinion. If you are in first you better damn well hit every gate or you will be getting passed for sure. It will also remove all of the unsportsmanlike ramming that happens every game. Again, I know, it’s a mechanic that Bungie thought would be fun and exciting, but in all honesty it’s just annoying.

If Bungie does bring SRL back I think adding more tracks is definitely needed. I got bored with the same two tracks over and over. Honestly the only thing that kept me coming back was the fact that I purchased the record book and I needed to get 10 wins on each track to complete it.


Speaking of the record book I decided to grab one as I like exclusive content. I was really weary though as I did not think that it would live up to its value. 10 bucks for a book that tracked stats and unlocked some helmets, armor, a shader, a sparrow, and an emblem seemed a little steep. I justified it by breaking down the price. 4 bucks for the sparrow, 3 for the armor set and a specific helmet for each class, and 2 bucks for a shader, and 1 for an emblem. That made it easier to swallow, but 10 bucks was still a bit crazy in my mind. Then realizing that one of the goals in the book was to land tricks I realized that I didn’t have a trick sparrow…damn…Even after getting the first SRL sparrow which I quickly realized was not a trick sparrow I scrambled trying to see how I could earn one. I didn’t realize that I would eventually get one as I leveled my SRL experience, but then again that would take ages. I looked online and saw that the only other trick sparrow was a PS exclusive or I had to find one of those achient special Red Bulls with the code…So I caved once again and bought a racers toolkit to get a trick sparrow which turned out to be a bad decision because low and behold I earned a trick sparrow not long after.

I completed the record book minus the win races goals fairly fast. Then the long, hard grind set in. Winning 10 races per map seemed next to impossible. I struggled with gates, asshole racers, and the ever so annoying ground that seemed to decide to stop you on a dime at random times. I ended up completing the wins goal with only 6 hours in the event to spare. I probably would have gotten it way sooner, but I just don’t have tons of time to play the game like some people. If the event were only a week long there is no way I would have been able to do it. So was it worth it? Well, yes in a sense, because I completed it, but if I didn’t then I would be pretty mad to be honest. I paid 10 bucks for something I had to earn and if I didn’t earn it in 3 weeks I would never be able to earn it again. So my suggestion for Bungie if they do something similar for a new SRL event is to make the paid content achievable by anyone by making it experience based. I do think you should reward people who can pull off the wins, but I don’t think it should be behind a pay wall.


One of my other gripes is the reward system. We all read that we would be given 320 gear and it seemed the only time I could manage to get anything close was by using 3 of Coins. If I didn’t use it I wouldn’t get any good loot. I guess all those legendary helmets were cool though because I got a ton of marks from them, but I would have been happier with a couple more exotics.

I think Bungie should bring SRL back and tweak it a bit to make it more enjoyable for sure. If it doesn’t return I would be saddened. Plus I want to be able to use my awesome racing gear!

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