About ATF


Arm The Flag has been around for many years. It got its start as a gaming organization in the Halo franchise on Xbox. We dabbled in machinima, podcasting, community stuff and even operated as a competitive clan for a while. We were members of the Good Game Network and were featured on the front page of Bungie.net many times. Our rich history came to an end in 2012 when activity was at an all time low. We shut down the site and never looked back. All we had were our memories of the amazing times we had.


2016 you will see a rebirth of Arm The Flag. Some of our members moved away from gaming, some stuck around, but no matter what we all enjoy the game. At the moment this is the sole project of Arm The Flag’s original founder, AnTi PRO. Hopefully old members will return to help create awesome content and hopefully we will meet new friends along the way. Our focus in the beginning will be just general gaming content and hopefully we will move into doing more videos and possibly bringing back a podcast of some kind. Please join us in our journey!

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