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Merry Christmas From Arm The Flag!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!



Eight years ago we began something….something that I never knew in a million years that would have such an impact in my life. Arm The Flag roared to life in the cold of winter that year. We prided ourselves on creating quality machinima over the years. We were featured on many times and I was featured as an Average Joe. At some point in the middle we made our way into more of a gaming clan joining the Good Game Network along with other mature, respectable clans within the Halo Nation. I have met some life long friends over those years of ATF and the GGN. Some people who I still keep contact with, others have sadly faded away.

2012 spelled disaster for ATF. Our activity was at an all time low and there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel for its remaining members. Part of it was the maturing of the membership. Myself and others really didn’t have tons of time to dedicate to gaming. Honestly in general it seemed that clans were a rare thing this late in the overall gaming timeline.

The remaining members sat down and decided what they wanted to do. We ended up accepting an invitation to join the prestigious Praetoria Guard, another clan that had a rich history within the Halo Nation, one that also joined ranks within the GGN.

Slowly we realized just like ATF and probably any other gaming clan the PG had its ups and downs and as time wore on I personally faded out.

I focused on my professional career and my passion in photography. I traveled the world and shared my adventures through my lens, but little by little gaming started calling me back. I ended up linking up with some old ATF/PG friends under the new banner Play the Objective (PTO). My and their focus had shifted to PC gaming focusing on a lot of Battlefield, but we dabbled in just about everything.

Even PTO kind of died off as an official organization, but the core group of friends who started it as well as some dedicated members still stick together to this day.

Fast forward to November of 2015. I finally caved and bought an Xbox One, Halo 5 and Destiny…I have been waiting to return to my roots for a good long while. Halo can never keep me away. Along with the fire of returning to my old virtual battlefield came ¬†another fire within me. The fire of desire to bring back an old friend. Arm The Flag.

So if you are reading this and were a part of Arm The Flag in any way including a previous member, ally, or someone who just played with us in the past please shoot me a message on XBL: An7i PRO. I would love to build ATF back up again and see where we go. I will say I am approaching this very casually.

See you on the battlefield!